During the 2022 floods in Victoria, the twin towns of Echuca Moama and surrounding towns along the Campaspe, Goulburn and Murray River experienced the most significant flooding event in over 150 years.

In the face of this terrifying disaster, the tight-knit community of Echuca Moama rolled up their sleeves and worked tirelessly without question to help each other to prepare the twin towns and areas that would be worst hit by the predicted water levels.

The team at Radiant Media spent the week of the flood preparation along side the rest of the community helping prepare the town for the worst.  What we observed during this time was incredible, we were inspired by the spirit and togetherness shown by our twin town community.  

During this week in between sandbagging and other preparation we captured snippets of the community in action, not knowing what we would use the footage for. It wasn’t till after the peak of the flood that we decided that it would be great  and tell the story of community spirit we observed  to help the community celebrate each other.

We decided to interview local business owners and community members that had been involved or effected by the flooding events, to attempt to piece together a positive but raw story of the events leading up to and after floods.

These interviews resulted in a 26 minute short documentary

We are very proud to be a part of this inspiring community  and it is so amazing to see what can be achieved when everyone works together. The 2022 floods in Victoria effected so many different towns and communities in different ways, all these communities have different stories that deserve to be told.

Special thanks to Moama Bowling Club, EMM Group, Moama RSL, Beechworth Bakery  and Rich River Golf Club for supporting this production and making it possible.

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