Early one very foggy morning in Kyabram, we began unpacking a box truck filled with props in the middle of an empty paddock, barely able to see a few steps in front of our eyes, let alone where to set up our shot.

This marked the start of an exciting and fun day of shooting with Sam Kekovich!

The client for this job was, Menzies Property Group’s ‘Kyabram Greens Estate’, a land development team based in regional Victoria.

The project came with a unique challenge: “How to creatively showcase undeveloped land!”.

Kyabram Greens developer hit us up with a problem: they had this land they wanted to sell, but they wanted to do it in a way that stood out. No boring walkthroughs here! They wanted something that grabbed attention and got people talking.

We put our heads together and cooked up a plan that was equal parts hilarious and effective.

Enter Sam Kekovich, the Aussie legend himself.

We figured, why not have Sam pretend to live on the empty land? From lounging by the “pool” to chilling in a makeshift cinema room, he brought the whole place to life in the funniest way possible.

From start to finish, we handled everything.

  • TVC Commercial Concept
  • Scripting (to suit the style of Sam)
  • Props (A truck with furniture)
  • Full production (filming, lighting, audio, makeup)
  • Post Production & Delivery (editing, classification and delivery to TV networks)

We were all about making sure Kyabram Greens’ vision came to life in the best way possible. And man, did it pay off.

The TV Campaign:
We went all out and created six TV commercials.

Each one was themed to match the show it aired during.

For instance during the  Cricket World Cup, we rolled out a cricket-themed commercial, for “The Block” program we stirred the pot about going one better than the contestants on the show.

The commercials featuring Sam were a hit! They had people cracking up while also showing off the land in a way that was super engaging. It was a win-win.

At Radiant Media, we’re all about tackling challenges head-on and delivering killer results.

If you’re looking for a video production crew that knows how to bring the laughs and get the job done right, we may just be the right fit for you!

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