Recruitment Videos, Breaking the Mould with Emotive Stories


Written by Patrick Barry

August 23, 2022

Over the past month we had a fantastic opportunity to work with the Victorian Rural Generalist Program, Echuca Regional Health, local rural generalists and a medical intern to create an emotionally driven recruitment video, aimed to attract the best doctors to start or continue their careers in Echuca.

The concept of this video was to create a quality asset to assist a local recruitment campaign, by sharing the experiences of 4 different local doctors. Each of the doctors featured in the video has a very different story.  The video tells their story in a way that truly illuminates why they have chosen to work in Echuca and what they love about both Echuca and their jobs.

The result was fantastic, the final video highlights 4 diverse stories, touches on an array of different points that  potential recruits may consider, such as life out of work, workplace culture and how their partners will integrate into the community of Echuca.

“Producing a video that relies on emotion and genuine storytelling, requires a well planned pre – production and production process.”

Pre Production

We met with the client and doctors and discussed what outcomes were desired from the video and assisted them to brainstorm the best way to tell the recruitment story.

We thought about how each story would highlight different points that matter to potential employees, to create a genuine emotive response from the target audience.


We interviewed each of the doctors asking questions that allowed them to tell their personal stories in an organic and authentic way. This is important, as the messaging needs to be real and relatable.

We then worked with each of the doctors to capture real moments of their lives to match what they shared in their interview, and this really brings to life their individual story.

Post Production

We understand the important of good storytelling through matching the emotive tone with the correct soundtrack, matching vision and the general flow of the video.

Each of the doctors in this video had a different emotional tone and therefore required different backing music, and matching b-roll. Our team chose appropriate soundtracks to align with the emotion of each doctor to enhance the emotional connection with the audience.

We’re delighted with the video – it’s what we love doing, working with our community to make Echuca Moama an even better place to live. 

After all, quality medical staff are essential to any great community.

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