We’re all about helping businesses thrive and grow through the power of video.

One client we’ve had the pleasure of working with since 2020 is Trans Tank International (TTI).

TTI manufactures some of the world’s most reliable liquid transport tank solutions, crafting an impressive range of tanks right here in regional Australia and export them worldwide!

Our partnership with TTI has sparked a burst of creativity, leading to a large collection of videos that truly make an impact for their company.

These videos aren’t just your run-of-the-mill advertisements; they’re vibrant showcases of Trans Tank International’s products, presented in both traditional and cutting-edge styles.

But beyond simply selling products, these videos have played a vital role in shaping TTI’s image as an employer. They’ve managed to capture the attention of potential candidates, painting TTI as an exciting place to work.

Additionally, these videos have revolutionized the way TTI interacts with its existing customers. By providing regular video updates throughout lengthy product production processes, TTI has fostered a sense of community and transparency. Customers feel like they’re part of the journey, rather than just purchasers. It’s a unique approach that sets TTI apart from the competition!

We’ve been working with Radiant Media over the past few years to create product videos, social media videos, corporate videos & more. Scott & his team take incredible pride in their work and are a pleasure to work with. If you are considering creating or getting videos produced, I’d highly recommend Radiant Media!
Jens Buchner

Marketing Manager , Trans Tank International

Let’s take a look at some of the content we’ve produced for the company.

Tank Build Process

This video provides an immersive journey through the complete tank production process, featuring insights from the founder, the molding team, and the assembly team.

It gives customers a direct look at the meticulous quality and attention to detail during the manufacturing process, which helps to build stronger consumer trust.

Case Study Videos: Last year we conducted a video case study on a solar farm, illustrating how TTI products optimise land management, benefiting both production and sustainability. This soft sell approach subtly highlights the value of TTI products in enhancing operational efficiency and environmental responsibility within the solar energy sector.

Product Videos: During our partnership, we’ve produced multiple product videos. These videos are concise yet effectively demonstrate the quality, features, and functionality of the tanks in an engaging and high-quality manner.

Recruitment Videos: Finding the right talent is crucial for any business, and TTI wanted to make sure they stood out to potential candidates. We partnered with them to create a compelling recruitment videos that showcase their company culture and career opportunities, attracting top talent to their team.

Specialised Videos: We recently produced a top-gear style case study video showcasing TTI’s patented product, the LiquidLocker baffle system. This baffle system effectively reduces fluid movement in water and fuel tanks, making it a highly effective solution for various liquid transport industries.

The video highlights the advantages and comparisons in cornering, braking and general handling.

If you’re keen on incorporating the power of video into your business strategy and value the expertise of a reliable agency, we’d be thrilled to collaborate with you in 2024!

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