One of our newest clients is The House of Smile Design!

We were given the exciting task of crafting an authentic story that captures the journey of Kritika and Jimmi, the lovely couple behind The House of Smile Design.

This story highlights the services they offer and promotes their core values and unique proposition to customers.

This resulted in an engaging storytelling project that not only featured satisfied clients who have experienced their exceptional services but also showcased the stunning venue in a natural and compelling way.

We chose to film in a handheld, documentary style to create an authentic, relaxed, and relatable feel. This approach helps to foster a genuine connection and trust between Kritika, Jimmi and their audience.

We employed soft lighting techniques to achieve a warm and inviting aesthetic in the video. This not only enhanced the appearance of everyone involved, making them look their best, but also beautifully highlighted the venue itself.

By capturing candid moments and real interactions, we aimed to convey the true essence of their personalities and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of The House of Smile Design.

On top of this, we also implemented some stylised graphics to tell the history of Kritika and Jimmi in an engaging and creative way, keeping it personalised to their feel and style.

This style ensures that viewers feel a closer, more personal connection to the story and the people behind it.

We had an exceptional experience at The House of Smile Design, with Radiant Media from start to finish. They demonstrated a remarkable ability to capture our vision accurately, execute flawlessly, and maintain excellent communication throughout the process.

Scott and Joel’s skill made everyone feel comfortable behind the camera, which significantly enhanced our project’s outcome. Their professionalism is evident in every aspect of their work.

We highly recommend Radiant Media for their outstanding service and expertise. They exceeded our expectations in every way, and we look forward to working with them again.

Kritika Patel

Founder , The House of Smile Design

In addition to the long-form piece, this project naturally generated a diverse library of content tailored for social media. We created visually compelling snippets featuring Kritika and Jimmi, as well as heartwarming testimonials from their clients.

This content not only enriches our storytelling but also enhances engagement and reach across various social platforms, amplifying the impact and value of the entire production.

This value-added content ensures that the story of The House of Smile Design resonates widely and effectively with its audience.

If you’re interested in integrating a brand video into your business marketing and prefer working with a trusted agency, we’d be delighted to team up with you in 2024.

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