Production Process: Review, Feedback & Approval


Written by Patrick Barry

September 8, 2022

Reviewing, providing feedback and eventually approving a video for your business or brand is a very important part of the video production process.

Your feedback can help us understand your brand and assist in communicating the correct message to your audience.

It is very important that this process is as simple, steam-lined and efficient as possible, to ensure we have the most successful production collaboration and most importantly create the best possible content for your business.

Providing critical feedback to the agency producing your content over the phone or email without spending time and resources to schedule meetings to go over the video together can be a difficult and daunting process

To solve this problem we use the powerful video review software is a video review software that allows you and all your team members to stay connected with our team when we are producing your videos – no matter where the team members are located.

The platform is built for our team to get actionable feedback on their work, and its email notifications help us keep track of each piece of feedback.

It allows you to make comments on the video specific times throughout the video and also create a discussion at the same point with your team and or our team so we can all collaborate together to ensure that best possible video is being produced.


Once you have left your feedback and we have made the required changes, you can view the review link again and give your final approval!

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