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Written by Patrick Barry

June 2, 2022

Why a recruitment video?

A recruitment video makes your company stand out from your competition – allowing you to innovatively promote your business and employee benefits and attract the right staff.

Recruitment videos showcase your company’s personality. They provide an inside view of the people who form and run your business, give a snapshot of the daily life of employees, and the values you stand by. These powerful messages are difficult to capture in a text based job advertisement, but are brought to life through video.

Did you know that the job market today is 90% candidate-driven?

This means two important things for you as an employer:

  1.  the recruitment market has changed.
  2.  it’s more competitive than ever before.

If you want to attract the right employees and hire them before your competition, you need to create content that stands out, speaks to candidates best and provides an exceptional candidate experience.

That type of content is video.

Recruitment video produced for Mawsons covering their whole business with a wide variety of avaliable roles

Video has proven to create higher audience engagement than any other type of content whether it’s used for entertainment, education, or marketing, and now recruitment.

Recruitment job postings with videos have over 40% greater application rate according to research by CareerBuilder.

A well-made, radiant recruitment video can attract, entice and, motivate the right candidate to apply.

What your video will deliver

A clear and concise message
It gets straight to the point – introducing the company, culture, value, and employees without being too wordy or long-winded.

Real employee testimonials
Captivating recruitment content doesn’t just humanise businesses through an interview with the CEO, but by sharing employee testimonials too. Why? Because hearing directly from employees encourages other  candidates to apply for your open position

Illuminate your uniqueness
Every business has a unique benefits & a good recruiting video showcases those clearly. How? By showing it in action.

Information on available roles
The goal of a recruitment video is to help prospective applicants understand what your business does and how they’d fit in. An effective video can encourage the ideal candidate to apply.

Written by Patrick Barry

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