Producing a TV Commercial with Sam Kekovich | Case Study


Written by Patrick Barry

January 26, 2023

Producing a TV commercial is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various elements, from the initial script writing and pre-production planning, to the coordination and execution of the production day and post-production editing.

In this case study, we delve into the production process of a TV commercial using the Sam Kekovich Kyabram Greens campaign as an example.

Pre Production

The initial stage of producing a TV commercial is script writing.

This encompasses conceptualising the commercial and crafting a script that effectively communicates the message to the intended audience. In this campaign, the script was created to promote the sale of large house blocks in Kyabram.

The script centred around the character of Sam Kekovich, an Australian spokesman known for his humorous and unconventional approach to advertising. We set out to highlight Sam’s unique personality and appeal to a broad range of viewers, while also emphasising the benefits and features of the house blocks being sold by Kyabram Greens Estate.


Once the script was finalised, it was time to move on to the production day. A successful day of production takes careful coordination and planning to ensure that all necessary shots are captured and that the schedule is adhered to.

The production was rescheduled once due to the extreme 40 degree weather, which added an additional layer of complexity to the planning process.

Despite the rescheduling, the production team was able to work efficiently with Sam, who brought his unique and humorous approach to the shoot.

The team moved seamlessly between locations, capturing the necessary footage, using a variety of shot styles to create visual interest and convey different emotions. The team utilised a steadycam for dynamic shots and personal feel, and a cine-slider for a polished and professional look.

This use of different shot styles helped to create a visually engaging commercial that effectively communicated the message to the target audience.

Post Production

After filming was completed, the post-production process began.

However, due to the rescheduling, the deadline was tight and the post-production had to be completed in 2 days in order to be ready for the Australian Open Tennis Final.

This involved editing the footage, adding special effects, colour grading and finalising the commercial with the client.

The editing process was critical in ensuring that the commercial was polished and ready for airing.

Overall, the production process for this TV commercial was a success, despite the challenges faced along the way. From script writing and pre-production planning, to the busy production day and post-production editing under tight deadline, the team was able to produce a commercial that effectively communicated the message and resonated with audiences.

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