Capturing the Moama Lights


Written by Patrick Barry

August 11, 2022

For the second year our beautiful bushland in Horseshoe Lagoon has been illuminated and brought to life through the use of lights and sound creating a unique immersive experience. 

Moama lights celebrates the culture of Echuca Moama, and its indigenous history.

Installations from mandylights  reconstruct Horseshoe Lagoon Reserve into a majestic dark experience of sound, light and fog.

This year we were again tasked with capturing this experience on video and doing justice to the beautiful installation.

Traditionally, filming in low light conditions is one of the hardest aspects of film, and you often run into an array of issues when trying to capture what you are seeing with the human eye.

These issues include

  • Video noise and lack of detail.
  • Loss of colour.
  • Streaking.
  • Blurred motion.
  • Poor focus.
  • The spotlight look.
  • Loss of contrast.

That is why this year we decided to use specific camera equipment that was designed to thrive in low light. We have upgraded two of our cameras that have assisted in taking our production level in both regular and night shooting to the next level.

Introducing the Sony FX6

The Sony FX6 Cinema Camera puts revolutionary compactness and performance in our hands, it has full-frame image sensor and breathtaking sensitivity. Leading-edge movie functions that  deliver game-changing performance and a cinematic look.

More importantly for the Moama Lights shoot it is a low light beast, many reviewers claim that the FX6 is one of, if not the best low light camera on the market.

Using this state of the art camera allowed us to capture the true beauty of the Moama Lights and truly translate the sublime neon colours of the installation.


Introducing the Sony A7SIII

“The Sony A7Siii Is a Dreamy Video Monster”

The Sony A7Siii is our new “B” Camera, that matches perfectly with the “A” Camera (Sony FX6).  The Sony A7Siii has too many benefits and cool features to count but one of the best is like its older brother the FX6 it boasts unbelievable low-light capabilities. It is also a little more portable than the FX6, making it easy to attach to our new steadicam.

Our new steadicam is an amazing piece of equipment that again has assisted us in taking our production quality the next level, allowing us to capture content in a way not previously possible.

The use of this new equipment, alongside with the skills and artistic vision of our cinematographer, has assisted our production in reaching a whole new level of quality!

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