Benefits of Business Profile Videos


Written by Patrick Barry

June 14, 2022

Business profile videos are an effective way to market your business. Video has significantly changed the way we market our business, products and services to the world.  There was a time that corporate and business based videos were viewed only as a luxury addition to a business’ marketing plan. This is no longer the case. Video is a key pillar of a successful and effective marketing plan, and is advantageous to your business in multiple ways.

At Radiant Media we have been busy creating business profile videos for local and larger organisations over the last year, and the feedback has been fantastic. When we create videos for your business we want them to have tangible outcomes so that you can clearly see the positives benefit your business is receiving from the videos.

Most recently we created a company profile video for Moama Dentists.

There is a general phobia in community that many people experience when it comes to going to the dentist. Moama Dentists wanted to a create a video that would help members of the community to overcome this fear and showcase the friendliness, expertise and technology that they offer, and  thus communicate to the audience that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary or bad experience.

A business profile video was the perfect way for Moama Dentists to achieve these outcomes and the final result had 4 clear benefits.

1. Demonstrated what they do & how they do it

A business profile video is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers and to other people who may not be aware of your business or have an accurate representation of who and what your business is. It’s a fun and interesting medium that uses sounds, visuals and audio to communicate your message clearly to your audience. Video allowed Moama Dental to showcase their facilities, friendly staff and services they offer.

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2. Shared their story in an engaging way

Videos allows your business to build its brand awareness in the way you choose, and not relying on your audiences imagination. It lets you tell your story in a creative, personal and engaging way.

Moama Dental’s video features a PTC (piece to camera) of the business owner and Principal Dentist. This approach enables the audience to see who runs the organisation, and hear their authentic voice. The clinic is then brought to life with additional footage and appropriate atmospheric music.

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3. Created an emotional connection with their audience

This video allowed Moama Dental to showcase their business in a relatable way. Featuring  the real people in the business and talking about their roles helped them build trust, empathy and understanding with potential clientele. The video allows customers to see who they will be dealing with, helping them to minimise or overcome the general phobia of making that first move of going into the clinic.

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4. Dedication to the customer experience

This business profile video created a stronger brand equity for their business.  It showcases to customers that they are serious about their brand image and the service they are offering the community, as well as highlighting that they want their customers to have the best possible experience.

Five times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a business rather than read an article.  A business profile video also confirms to your customers that you are listening to their needs and doing everything you can to cater for them.


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