5 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy


Written by Patrick Barry

June 30, 2022

Do you want to increase your brand awareness and enhance the online presence of your business?  It’s no secret that video content is becoming more important than ever before, and it’s important to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

You’ve probably heard of the “algorithm” that determines what consumers see online. Search engines and social media platforms are all being tailored to give priority to video based content.

All over the world marketing departments are making use of videos to promote products and services, introducing their brands to new customers and creating authentic connections with their audience.  Here in the Echuca Moama region we’re working with a multitude of businesses who are doing exactly this.

 If your aim is to grow your company or brand’s online presence, creating quality video content that stands out is something to prioritise.

Here are 5 simple reasons why video should take centre stage in your marketing strategy.

1.Video content increases engagement and exposure

    2. Makes a lasting impression

    Video grabs your audience’s attention like no other content when scrolling through search results and feeds.

    Video is also more memorable, with studies finding that people are more likely to remember information presented in a video than in text. Of course, this depends on the quality of the video.

    Trans Tank International, a Radiant Media client, invests in high quality video production to showcase their new products.  These videos are integrated into their websites to make an impression and clearly highlight the exciting and modern features of their new products.

    3. Videos are SEO Friendly

    Google’s algorithm is increasingly placing emphasis on web pages that contain video content in search results. This confirms the importance of businesses including video in their digital marketing strategy.

    Although video content requires more thought, planning, resources and budget than still imagery,  the rewards are many!

    Video is not only a winner when it comes to engagement, reach and ROI, it also has the ability to be re-purposed across all your platforms.  Video content is SEO friendly, meaning it is easy to optimize it for improved SEO results.

    Any of the SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and keywords that you would use in a blog post can be used for the video’s title, description, which will encourage Google’s algorithm to prioritise your video content.

    Web pages that contain videos are more likely to rank in the top search results than content without video. This is because video encourages consumers to stay longer on your website.  And, websites that attract and retain visitors are rewarded by Google by ranking higher in search results.

    4. Video delivers excellent Return on Investment ROI

    Quality video production may not yet be the easiest nor cheapest task, however it can pay dividends.

    With thousands of businesses now using video marketing, any company ignoring this powerful tool is missing out on opportunities and sales. 

    The internet is overflowing with resources that prove the effectiveness of video content to improve ROI.

    That’s why it’s important to consider these ROI statistics so you can understand more about the potential video marketing can have on your business. 

    • Nearly 90% of video marketers find video provides an overall positive ROI.
    • About 85% of marketing professionals say video increased website traffic, which in turn has multiple positives for their businesses. 
    • 85% of marketers have stated that video increases their lead generation, allowing them to obtain almost 4x more leads than businesses that do not incorporate video marketing. 

      5. Video builds trust and creates authentic connections 

      Building trust with a customer makes them more likely to commit to your products and services. Trust is the one element that factors into nearly every single customer decision regarding the purchase a product or service.

      That’s where video marketing can prove valuable to your business. While 80% of businesses believe their video marketing is just about improving exposure and thus ROI, it is also about building trust with the customer and developing a genuine and authentic connection with them. 

      Fostering trust is central to video marketing as it allows consumers to visually and emotionally connect to your business and the message you are communicating.

      The intimacy of video based content makes it an ideal marketing tool for building trust.

      Here are some strategies that can be used within video content to build trust with your customer.

      • Visual customer testimonials 
      • Engaging relevant and interactive messaging 
      • Telling your brand’s story 
      • Being  authentic and allowing consumers to connect with the real people behind your business 
      • Creating emotive responses, using messaging and visual techniques to make the viewer feel emotion.  

      This promotional video Radiant Media recently created for Echuca Moama Tourism is emotive and makes use of sound, scripting and shot selection, creating trust between potential tourists and Echuca Moama as a tourism product.  The video was a key component of their recent successful Tourism Victoria awards submission.

      If you’re not creating video based content for your brand or business just yet, there’s never been a better time to start. 

      Do you need a hand from the professionals with implementing video into your marketing strategy? Give us a shout via the contact us page!

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